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The Paxos News brings you all the latest news, events and goings-on from Greece and the Ionian islands, where Travel a la carte has holiday properties. Find out more from Paxos, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Symi, Epirus and the Peloponnese below:

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20 Feb 2014: (GREECE) Easter on Symi - Melanie Sharp, a permanent resident on Symi and our local manager there, writes about Easter on this beautiful  Aegean island.

6 May 2013: (ISLAND) Yoga on Paxos - Every May, our yoga friend and teacher Zoe Reason holds her Iyengar yoga classes on a shady terrace in the middle of an olive grove not far from Loggos. It is the perfect month for practising yoga on Paxos. Daytime temperatures are warm enough to have classes outside on the terrace, even in the early morning. 

17 Jan 2013: (GREECE) The Greek Orthodox Easter is late this year, providing a perfect opportunity to enjoy Greece during its greatest festival. The dates (from 3 to 6 May) mean the flights to the islands will be well underway and the weather warming up very nicely.

10 Oct 2012: (GREECE) Flights to Greece 2013 – the Italian option? - As you will probably know by now, if you are planning a holiday to Greece next year, easyJet has released its summer flying for 2013.

1 Sept 2012: (GREECE) Late season - On Monday this week the winds got up on both sides of Greece, in the Ionian and the Aegean, churning up the seas and disrupting ferry crossings. They have since subsided but this change in the weather seems to have signalled the end of high summer. Temperatures have come down a little, from their peak in the mid-30s to the high 20s, and the islands are settling into September mode.

18 July 2012: (GREECE) Late Getaways - ... happily there are still some reasonably priced flights to Greek destinations out there. In a recent trawl of seat-only sites, we found - a Monarch flight from Luton to Corfu at £253 for an 8-day trip from 30th July - a BMI Baby flight from Manchester departing 23rd July for £295 return  - and even a Thomson flight, from Edinburgh to Corfu on 10th August for 7 nights, for a surprisingly affordable £239 return.

7 July 2012: (GREECE) A Silver Lining - If you are thinking of escaping the black clouds and torrential rain of northern Europe for the sunnier skies of Greece, there’s a further bit of good news today...

25 June 2012: (ISLAND) News from the beach - A new Greek government was formed sometime this week - or so I hear. Not a lot of national or international news percolates as far as Marmari beach, the second beach from Loggos on this tiny Ionian paradise of Paxos.

25 May 2012: (BUSINESS) Join us on facebook - You may not have succeeded in grabbing a share of facebook when it was floated a few days ago but now at least you can share in the new Travel à la carte facebook page....

25 May 2012: (BUSINESS) Announcing the new Travel à la carte website. It is well known that travel is one of the most popular fields of human interest and activity on the internet... 

18 May 2012: (GREECE) The chief executive of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), of which Travel a la carte is a member, posted this message about Greece yesterday on his blog...

16 May 2012: (GREECE) What if... ? Speculation has been growing that Greece will soon leave the euro. Here in the UK, the respected economic commentator Hamish McRae added his own comment in the London Evening Standard, entitled: ‘Greece quitting the euro is no tragedy’. In the article, he looks at the history of countries leaving monetary unions and how governments went about replacing one currency with another. [RESPONSES: 1]

3 MAY 2012: (ISLAND) Kefalonia was basking in summer temperatures when I flew back to a grey and wet London on Tuesday.  The Monday before I left, on only the second of the new easyJet flights to the island, temperatures reached an impressive 33 degrees celsius – that’s over 90 fahrenheit.  And it was still April.

30 APR 2012: (ISLAND) Paxos in April - It is a pleasure to be back on Paxos. Now, in the week or so before the season begins, the island is at its most feminine and appealing. In the gardens of the old Manor House in Loggos, a beautiful pink and white climbing rose is in bloom.

01 APR 2012: (ISLAND) HYDROFOIL TIMETABLE - Paxos hydrofoil schedule released!  At last this summer's sailing schedule for the hydrofoil between Corfu and Paxos is out.  You will find it here.  Just email or call us if you have any questions about it and we'll try to answer them.

31 Mar 2012: (GREECE) Are things looking up a bit for Greece? You might think so from a glance at the UK travel sections this weekend. At last, the papers are beginning to correct the impression that the entire country is in chaos and you would be mad to travel there.

14 Mar 2012: (GREECE) / (ISLAND) In the first part of this blog on flights to Greece I reported on how easyJet and Ryanair have been extending their flying programmes to the Greek islands....

12 Mar 2012: (GREECE) / (ISLAND) Now that the air over Greece has cleared a bit, financially speaking, it might be a good time to look at what’s on offer this year in terms of air travel to Greece and the islands.

5 Mar 2012: (GREECE) In an opinion poll of over a thousand Greeks reported at the weekend, 67 per cent said they thought a return of the drachma would make the country's situation worse, compared with 13pc who believed it would make things better.  

23 Feb 2012:
(GREECE) Strikes this summer? Not surprisingly, in the present climate, we are often asked by people considering a Greek holiday what would happen if their travel arrangements were affected by strikes ... Read More

23 Feb 2012: (BUSINESS)  Travel à la carte offers a full welcome service for all its guests on the Greek islands... Read More            

22 Feb 2012: (GREECE) Chairman of the Association of Independent Tour Operators Derek Moore has heavily criticised the foreign secretary, William Hague, for treating Greece as if it were a “war zone”... Read More

22 Feb 2012:
(GREECE) For the past two months, the British newspapers have been full of reports and comment about Greece and its immediate prospects. Last weekend was no exception, with a string of papers from the Mail and the Independent to the Saturday and Sunday Telegraphs discussing the dire state of the Greek economy and the growing resistance in Greece to further austerity measures.... Read More

21 Feb 2012:
(GREECE) The most recent outbreaks of unrest in Greek before the vote on the EU rescue package were confined to Athens and the mainland. Life on Paxos and our other islands continued completely as normal, the main problem there being caused by the weather.....   Read More

20 Feb 2012: (ISLAND) Weather conditions for Paxos added to the site... Read More


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